Available Aug 7, 2020
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May 19, 2020 "Synergy"

We here at "PLANET JANET" are excited to announce that album #3 "Synergy" will be released on Pavement Entertainment and we would like to thank them and YOU for your continued support! Details for an exclusive preorder offer coming soon!


May 4, 2020 2nd New Song "Lonely We Fight"

Music video featuring pictures submitted by the fans. We thank you!

April 26, 2020 New Song, "Talk To Me"

Quarantine Music Video

Hope everyone is safe and well. Here’s a brand new song that we decided to make a quirky video to lift your spirits during this crazy time. There is a donation link but please do not feel obligated to donate. Our mission here is to make you smile and give you something to listen to. Stay safe.

March 2, 2020 The RockPit Review - Janet Gardner Australia Show, with Ron Keel & Enuff Z' Nuff

Live at the Crowbar

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Feb 21 "A Way To Your Heart" Music Video Release

Feb 5, 2020 Album #3 is in the making

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the release of our 3rd cd is close to completion with more tales from Planet Janet! You want driving rock, you got it. You want infectious hooks, you got it. You want soaring power ballads, You got it! Stay tuned

July 1, 2019 "Your Place In The Sun" charts at #5 

Mediabase- All Stations / Classic Rock reports "Your Place In The Sun" Jumps to #5 on the classic radio charts for the week of June 24- June 30th

June 26, 2019 "Your Place In The Sun" To be featured on "Nights With Alice Cooper"

The new single "Your Place In The Sun" To be featured on the syndicated radio show "Nights With Alice Cooper"

June 23, 2019

DIGI-MAG Issue #81 / Special Edition: The Ladies of Rock

Janet Gardner listed as one of the top women in rock. 

​April 27,2019 Janet Gardner announces "Your Place In The Sun"

The sophomore album by Janet Gardner is available world wide on May 31, 2019 via Pavement Entertainment 

​May 29, 2019 "Your Place In The Sun" Music Video World Premier 

The world premier of Janet Gardner's new music video directed by Eric Dicarlo at All Star Music Empire will debut on May 29, 2019 7pm on Janet's YouTube channel

July 12, 2019 The "Planetary Tour"  Begins in Denver Colorado. 

July 12, Denver Colorado - The Venue

July 26, Anaheim CA - The House of Blues

July 28, West Hollywood Ca - The Whiskey A Go Go

Aug 17 Englewood OH - Courtyard Lounge 


Listening to this, you’ll be reminded that Janet’s voice is amazing. Many people can hit the notes but she has such control of her voice that she is able to add so many ‘colors’ to it. Whatever color fits the song — the anger, the pain, the longing — you hear it all in her voice as she conveys that emotion and delivers the story convincingly. Not every singer can do that. 

-Sleaze Roxx- Christopher Carroll 5/27/2019

Janet makes damn sure that you don’t forget that she knows how to rock with the best of them. Like her previous solo outing, “Your Place In The Sun” continues to see Janet branching out of the supposed confines of a band environment and creating her own path.

XS Rock - Bobby Caughron May 9, 2019

Stunning Return from the former Queen of Hair Metal..

Wow. Whilst former Vixen vocalist Janet Gardner’s first solo album, 2017’s self-titled effort, certainly had it’s moments – if only to remind us what a great voice the lady had and still has – her new release, Your Place In the Sun, is an improvement on every single front.

Scott Adams - Sentinel 5/31/2019

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